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Think of that era where there’s no internet, nothing is online, we have to travel very long distance for good education. It was indeed costly and time-consuming way. Well, now in today’s world we don’t have to think about such things. In today’s world, everyone is having computers, laptops, smartphones …

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Internet of Things

Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

What is the internet? Well, in today’s world it is not less than food and water. Just like food and water is essential for living, the internet is also indispensable. The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite to link devices worldwide. Now let’s come to …

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Indian Institute of Code Network and Securit

What is virtualization? In simple words, we can say that creation of a virtual version of something is called virtualization. It is indeed a sizzling topic in IT firms right now. Today IT severe enterprise must always be on the lookout for the latest technologies that allow businesses to run …

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What MNC expect from engineers?


This is a big question, indeed. First, let’s discuss about the present situation of engineers. Recent survey shows that over 73% of engineering graduates in India are unemployed. Awful, isn’t it? Every engineering graduate wants job, they are starving for it, but the brutal truth is only few are suitable …

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