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Internet of Things

What is the internet? Well, in today’s world it is not less than food and water. Just like food and water is essential for living, the internet is also indispensable. The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite to link devices worldwide.

Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

Now let’s come to the topic, Internet of Things. Have you heard about it? Perhaps you did, perhaps you did not. Ok, let me tell you, connecting with physical devices apart from the computer is known as Internet of Things. Be it industrial machines, smartphones, GPRS, home security system, etc. basically, we can say that it is the future of technology that can make our lives more effectual.

IOT basically extends internet connectivity to most of the physical objects in our surroundings. We can say that it is an extension of connectivity beyond our presently used electronic devices including computers and smartphones.

Still difficult to understand? Ok let’s understand it by an example, consider the modern housing lighting system, security systems, air conditioning and other connected electronic devices, we know it by term smart homes but it is actually Internet of Things. Now extend this scope to the city level, so the concept of smart cities is also IOT.

Nowadays, medical science use software enabled implants, the biochips used for farm animals is also an example of IOT.

Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

IOT will enable us to connect more than 300 billion devices. This will help in building a large pool of data which can further be analyzed and used for advancement and betterment of mankind.

Let’s make our world a better place to live let’s make it a smart world.


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