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Future of Cyber Security

‘Hackers hackers everywhere not a place to hide!’                                                                                             

The above statement is the scenario of today. Do you think you are safe? Well, it is a big question, indeed.

Nowadays, everyone is having computers, laptops, smart phones etc. in their houses and everyone is having internet connection as well. We all prefer everything online nowadays, be it online banking, online shopping etc. and to be very honest it is the easiest and fastest way; but one wrong move can ruin your life.


Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security


We see anything threatening on the internet, we usually block that but suddenly any new threat pops up, we block that too, but then again anything new appears on the screen. It is an ongoing cycle which never ends. As the technology is upgrading, the rate of cybercrimes is growing. It is a brutal truth but yes technology is both a boon and a bane. A wrong click can ruin your life, believe me.

Indian Institute of Code Network and Security
Indian Institute of Code Network and Security

This is how it goes; criminals will send you an email and try to ploy you. They will ask you about your bank account details, social network details or any other personal data and ask you to click on the link and then you will redirected to a website which is fake and made to trick you and then boom! You are hacked.

Today it is so easy for a criminal to harm us in virtual world.

We’ll be needing professionals who will safeguard our privacy and personal data.

There will be huge number of requirements for professionals in field of cyber security. They should possess all pre-requisite skills to tackle any kind of threats.

Our institute Indian Institute of Code Network and Security (IICNS) is taking steps in this direction. IICNS is a benchmark of professional education in coding, security, server, networking and designing.

In security our programs like ethical hacking, penetration testing, cyber forensics and reverse eng. are designed in such a way to developed required skilled professionals.

We believe in providing student with opportunities that encourage learning, thinking and innovating.

We can say that future of cyber security is in safe hands.



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