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International Certified in Network Security (ICNS)

International Certification in Network Security (ICNS)

” Indian Institute of Code, Networks and Security ( IICNS ) “, industry relevant skills are what we develop. The rigorous training provided at IICNS equips students with Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to succeed. The IICNS Programs are based on inovation and interactive training methodologies derived from one experiences of providing training in corporate world. In effort, at the IICNS, we bring corporate to the classroom.

Certification training in : International Certified in Network Security (ICNS)

Duration: 6 month

Why choose this course?

Network security is an over arching term that describes that the policies and procedures implemented by a network .administrator to avoid and keep track of unauthorized access,exploitation,modification,or denial of the network and network resources.
This means that a well implemented network security blocks viruses, malware, hackers, etc.

from accessing or altering secure information.

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