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Bachelors In coding

” Indian Institute of Code, Networks and Security ( IICNS ) “, industry relevant skills are what we develop. The rigorous training provided at IICNS equips students with Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to succeed. The IICNS Programs are based on inovation and interactive training methodologies derived from one experiences of providing training in corporate world. In effort, at the IICNS, we bring corporate to the classroom.

Degree type: B.Code(Hons)
Duration: 3 years (full-time) or 2.6 years (accelerated)

Why choose this course?

Coding training websites,books and classes can train you in all of today’s popular coding languages – from C++ to CSS.
If you know which language you want to learn,we have done the hard work for you and gathered up all the best training websites and books for that language.
Learning coding has many benefits – whether you are looking for a career in the industry, starting a new hobby or just wanting to understand technology.
In computer programming, readability refers to the ease with which a human reader can comprehend the purpose, control flow, and operation of source code. It affects the aspects of quality above,including portability,usability and most importantly maintainability.


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