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Bechelors in networking

” Indian Institute of Code, Networks and Security ( IICNS ) “, industry relevant skills are what we develop. The rigorous training provided at IICNS equips students with Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to succeed. The IICNS Programs are based on inovation and interactive training methodologies derived from one experiences of providing training in corporate world. In effort, at the IICNS, we bring corporate to the classroom.

Degree type: B.Net(Hons)
Duration: 3 years (full-time) or 2.6 years (accelerated)

Why Choose this course ?

Our computer networking degree for network server administrators will propel you to career success.
Network administration security bachelor’s degree programs allow students to expand their knowledge of security.

Network Administration will prepare you with the cutting-edge network server administration skills that employers demand as well as six recognized industry certifications including your Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA).

The Bachelor of Networking  prepares students to plan, design, implement, manage and maintain computer networks. The Bachelors network develops knowledge, principles, applications and skills in computer networking including the latest technologies which support network services.

The course aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to understand the mechanics behind network security. In course, you will gain the necessary background knowledge and technical skills to undertake security audit testing on computer networks and systems.

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