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Best Training in Cloud Computing

” Indian Institute of Code, Networks and Security ( IICNS ) “, industry relevant skills are what we develop. The rigorous training provided at IICNS equips students with Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to succeed. The IICNS Programs are based on inovation and interactive training methodologies derived from one experiences of providing training in corporate world. In effort, at the IICNS, we bring corporate to the classroom.

Why choose this course?

Degree type: Cloud(Diploma)
Duration: 1 years (full-time)

Cloud computing is a recently evolved computing terminology or metaphor based on utility and consumption of computing resources. Cloud computing involves deploying groups of remote servers and software networks that allow centralized data storage and online access to computer services or resources. Clouds can be classified as public, private or hybrid.Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale, similar to a utility over a network.

Organisations are seeking specialised skills while hiring these candidates. Experts believe that skills and expertise can be built with experience and time. But there are other crucial factors that contribute to crafting a successful career in cloud computing.

A few tips:
Awareness of Application Programming Interface (API)
Awareness of platforms & ability to build them for virtualisation
Expertise to bring in a USP
Awareness of solution designing and architecture
General knack to be an explorer


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