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Drones Spying on Cell Phone Users for Advertisers

Indian Institute of Code Network & Security
Indian Institute of Code Network & Security

Do you know, apart from United States National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and law enforcement, a few advertising companies are also monitoring unsuspecting users’ cell phone data with the help of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) called Drones.
Yes it’s True! A Singapore-based advertising firm AdNear, which described itself as “the leading location intelligence platform,” is using a number of small drones flying around the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles since early February in order to track Wi-Fi and cellular transmission signals.


The drones have ability to sniff out device’ cellular or wireless Internet signals, which is then identify by device ID. Using this gathered information, the drones track each and every movements and behaviors of individual users.
Generally, the reason behind spying on people’s cell phone signals is the company’s interest to deliver hyper-targeted advertisements to the users, which is not at all surprising as these ad companies do every effort to gather users’ information.
The advertising firm assures people that the wireless data collected by fleet of quadcopter drones is anonymous, which does not include users’ phone numbers, call data, or any media files. Though, the description on the company’s official website regarding its new drone program sounds pretty creepy.


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